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Our purpose for doing research is to raise money for Benton County Genealogical Society, to help with operating expenses and for the purchase of more books for the society library. The research is done on a volunteer basis by our members, as time allows. We will process your request as soon as possible and will appreciate your patience.Minimum Fee is $10.00, which covers a maximum of one half hour of research. Each photocopy page is 25 cents plus postage. The $10.00 fee should be mailed with your initial request. Reimbursement for additional costs for copies and postage may be requested. If you wish more than one half hour of research, please indicate a maximum number of hours, or a maximum dollar amount.

If you have an e-mail address, please include it so you can be contacted if questions arise, also, a phone number will be greatly appreciated.

Mail your request and check to:
Benton County Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 1646
Philomath, OR 97370

Questions about your research request? Please contact the Benton County Coordinator

        Sample Research Questions that we will be able to answer.


1. Specific cemetery records giving name and approximate death date if possible: “Please send me the record for John Henry who died in Benton County close to May 12, 1902.”
2. Specific obituaries: “I believe my ancestor’s obituary was printed in the Corvallis newspaper close to May 12, 1902 or a few days later.
3. Marriage records giving as much information as possible: Names of bride and groom and approximate date of marriage.
4. Newspaper articles using our newspaper index online
5. Donation Land Claim look ups for specific individuals within an approximate time.
6. Bring your laptop or use the Office Computers for internet access.  WIFI is available.

Sample Research Questions that we will NOT be able to answer.

1. All records for Lewis 1800 to 1900
2. All marriage records for the Joneses between 1800 and 1900
3. All land records for anyone named Johnny (no last name) in 1850 to 1900
4. “Simply A. Sample lived in Benton County sometime between 1800 to 1900.
“I would like all the records you can find for him.”

Before subscribing to a online newspaper website you should always look at the list of newspapers included in the subscription. Does the site have newspapers for the locations you are researching during the time period you are researching? If it doesn’t, don’t waste your money. To see what is included in the collection, and this goes for free sites as well, look for links or headings that say List of Newspapers, Titles, or Collection. (Dawn Carlile)
Using Digital Newspapers for Genealogical Research Courtesy of Dawn Carlile:

Click Here

________________________________________________________ is a great source, you need to sign in (Free)

Check out Benton County Marriage Records-link below